Thursday assorted links

1. “Adjusted seroprevalence across Karnataka was 46.7% (95% CI: 43.3-50.0), including 44.1% (95% CI: 40.0-48.2) in rural and 53.8% (95% CI: 48.4-59.2) in urban areas.”  And speculative results on whether Indians have strong Covid immunity.  And Kenya was at about five percent seroprevalence as of May-June.

2. The Neo Rauch dispute over right-wing art (NYT).

3. I have been neglecting to cover synthetic nanobodies, merely out of sloth, but in fact they hold great potential, both against Covid-19 and more generally.  And have we discovered protection against HIV acquisition in women? It seems so.  What an incredible year for biomedicine.

4. A review of Where is My Flying Car?

5. My Salem Center (UT Austin) talk and podcast on the ethics of current vaccine choices.

6. How Azerbaijan won.  Drones!  And Bruno on the decline of Russian power in the region.


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