Tuesday assorted links

1. “In Sweden we have this phenomenon called Jantelagen.  It’s when someone is famous, and the people around use up all their energy to ignore the fact that the person is famous.”  (NYT link here)

2. “Much of our understanding of other coronaviruses comes from challenge trials done in the UK in the 1960s…

3. New and significant results on working remotely, very good paper: fine for gains from trade, lower productivity outweighed by worker gains, still negative adverse selection associated with the practice as a whole.  Author Emma Harrington is on the job market from Harvard.

4. New, long paper developing a better cyclically-adjusted measure of TFP.  TFP is still falling, but more gradually than under alternate measures.  For Europe the revisions make less of a difference.

5. Good summary of some Fast Grants-supported research on Interferon.

6. Daniel Gross is bullish on Starlink.

7. Update on Swedish Covid and also seasonality.


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