Christmas assorted links

1. Black-footed ferrets are getting their own Covid-19 vaccine.

2. Eyes Wide Shut explained.

3. David Brooks’s Sidney awards (NYT).

4. In memory of Richard Cooper, Harvard economist.

5. When Larry Summers is trending on Twitter, he is usually correct.

6. My Bloomberg column on all the scientific developments of 2020.  Hail computation!

7. Vaccine envy (NYT).  And “NBA memo warns teams about obtaining, administering COVID-19 vaccine early.

8. One Texas health district received 900 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. Then, it closed for Christmas.

9. “She has also qualified for the world blind championship six times, but has never been able to attend.

10. Turkey Finds Chinese Vaccine Efficacy Rate of 91.25% in Trial.


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