Friday assorted links

1. Using K-Pop to teach economics.

2. Redux of my April 4 post on tethered pairs.

3. “…the EU is propping-up the single currency by borrowing money through the European Commission — with all EU member states having to make the repayments.

4. Long blog post on DeepMind and protein folding, interesting throughout, but the most interesting section is toward the end on why DeepMind outperformed academic groups.

5. To be clear, I don’t know the answer, but why is no one even asking: “Can’t we just use the Sanofi vaccine on the young people only?” Is it that the answer is so obvious?  Or is there excess confomism in this sphere?  Is this simply the “this would cause the public to lose confidence in vaccines” mantra, an increasingly under-theorized and unsatisfactory substitute for an actual answer?  (Would it even get a “B-” on an undergraduate, upper division psychology term paper or honors thesis?)  Inquiring minds wish to know.

5b. And AstraZeneca is testing together with Russian options.  Still an open question, but I’ve been saying that the Russian vaccine is underrated.

6. Good evidence for an Italian case of Covid in early December 2019.

7. Stockholm ICU beds at 99 percent capacity.


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