Saturday assorted links

1. Computer science rejects computer science (link corrected).

2. A substantive management/corporate culture piece on the L.A. Clippers.

3. A new paper from Treasury suggesting the job effects of PPP loans were significant, WSJ Op-Ed version here.

4. New strain in South Africa?  Probably a red herring, but not entirely reassuring to read that it affects young people more.  Boris Johnson is saying that the new strain in the UK is 70% more contagious (whatever that means).  That too may be speculative, more information here.  The general point is you wish to minimize the “reservoir” for such mutations, and that is another reason to want to keep cases low.

5. “It’s not clear why the U.S. Army, the most powerful fighting force in the world, required nearly a year to develop a mask that would have taken the civilian sector mere days—if not hours—to develop.

6. “1947: 5,000,000 NYC residents were vaccinated for small pox IN TWO WEEKS

7. Moderna vs. Pfizer comparison.


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