Sunday assorted links

1. “Taken at face value, correcting assessment regressivity would increase poor homeowners’ net worth by more than 15%.”

2. Ross Douthat on why so many people believe in election conspiracy theories (NYT).

3. C4 rice is finally making progress.  That could be a big deal.

4. Gene editing is showing progress against sickle cell anemia (WSJ).  And more here.  And gene editing for Mendelian disease.

5. Peter Thiel also seems to be saying that the Great Stagnation is over.  And Japanese space probe lands with asteroid rocks in Australian outback.

6. NYT obituary for Walter Williams.

7. The guy who bought Green Mountain College in Vermont.  And what he will do with it.

8. Sweden truly abandons its prior approach to the pandemic (WSJ).  And seven-day moving average Covid deaths for America just passed their April peak (“where are the deaths?” I used to hear…or “you can always test more and find more cases…”)

9. They solved for the equilibrium: Virginia GOP picks convention over primary to nominate gubernatorial candidate.  WWGJS?

10. Hoover is hiring junior fellows.

When there are many links, it is because a lot is happening!


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