Thursday assorted links

1. The immediate immigration policy dilemmas faced by Biden.  And humans in Mexico 30,000 years ago?

2. Kerfluffle surrounding Philip Lane, chief ECB economist, about making calls privately to banks.

3. Good Dube thread on new wage stickiness paper.

4. Don Boudreaux on Walter Williams (WSJ).  And Jayme Lemke.  And David Henderson.  And Thomas Sowell.

5. The culture that is San Francisco what is up with you people?

6. US vs. UK vaccine review procedures.

7. Delta: “Our partners at Mayo Clinic have advised that virus spread could be reduced by 90 percent with weekly testing, reducing asymptomatic transmission. We’re achieving this expansion of our testing by increasing onsite rapid testing, providing testing kits at workplaces with smaller employee populations, and offering at home testing kits to all U.S. employees.”

8. Some new corporate and banking stuff (WSJ).


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