Wednesday assorted links

1. I am happy to see StatNews expanding, they were earlier winners of an Emergent Ventures prize.

2. Herd immunity in Manaus, Brazil.

3. 64 reasons why Paul McCartney is underrated.  The funny thing is, I could come up with yet another 64.  Ian Leslie doesn’t even mention that McCartney ended up as an excellent classical music composer (after some effort and also false steps).  Or how about his shrewd business acumen in buying up musical rights at the correct time?

4. Data on Chinese social science funding.  And UAE data on the Sinopharm vaccine are looking pretty good (Bloomberg).

5. Can you teach your dog how to talk?

6. Coyne and Boettke creation on Austrian economics, also includes some videos.

7. “Influential mountain climber dies at 90.

8. Japan to fund AI matchmaking to boost birth rate.  What would Malthus say?


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