Friday assorted links

1. Daron Acemoglu on Melissa Dell.

2. Jonathan Parker: “Economists who think the end of this recession will look like the last one aren’t looking at the data. Household balance sheets, state finances, income, all in better shape than pre-COVID & we haven’t even fixed the cause of recession.

3. Samuel Hammond and Robert Orr make the case for a child allowance.

4. New and excellent visualizations about just how good each vaccine is, including with consideration of variants.  And in defense of the Russian and Chinese vaccines (NYT).

5. Dan Wang podcast on China’s tech ascendancy.

6. The absence of hysteresis in U.S. economic data.

7. “If the Warriors sign a COVID-recovered player immediately, he could play this weekend.”  Shorter quarantine.

8. New seroprevalence data from India and its implications.


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