Saturday assorted links

1. Do birth subsidies lead to more babies? (NYT)

2. Heartland visas will be part of the Biden immigration bill.

3. U-Roy has passed away (NYT).

4. Both The Dig (1939 British archaeology and sexual restraint) and Minari (Korean immigrant family farming in Arkansas) are excellent movies and show that “old school” substantive cinema is alive and well.  Given the number (and quality?) of delayed releases, this will be quite a year for moviegoing.  At some point.  Nomadland, however, did not thrill me.  It is ultimately a movie for either critics who wish to condescend or viewers who wish to see another portrait of alienated middle America, at this point a dull and overdone topic.  Good negative Richard Brody review here (New Yorker).

5. A 3D map of all the buildings in the Netherlands, colored by their age.

6. High-interest lending and pawn shop activity are both falling.

7. For me at least the Andrew Farrant book on Hayek and Mill and liberalism was priced at zero for Kindle.


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