Thursday assorted links

1. One of these people is an abysmal reasoner.  Kudos to you if you can avoid those more general fallacies across a broader range of settings.

2. “I find that following the introduction of ride-sharing services in a city, individuals decrease their student debt balance and probability of default.

3. James Brown concert Paris 1968, starts a bit slow keeps on getting better.

4. Thwarted markets in everything: “Smuggler found with nearly 1,000 cacti and succulents strapped to her body.”  New Zealand, of course.

5. New Senate bill would punish Big Tech for not snitching, and would attempt to monitor communications.

6. The more successful vaccinating states are keeping it simple.  I wonder if above-average use of digital technology correlates with the more negative results.

7. “We need to think about the real world of ZMP, not the imaginary world of neoclassical equilibrium.

8. Minnesota budget forecast is for $641 million surplus.  And Pearlstein tells the truth about the stimulus.


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