Tuesday assorted links

1. Copenhagen medical students more likely to get Covid from socializing than from treating patients.

2. Further results on the anti-obesity drug.

3. Why does Texas have its own power grid?  And a Bloomberg explainer on what happened in Texas.  And from ArsTechnica.

4. How to reopen your schools?: “Crazy slow spend out rate for the education provisions of the Biden plan. Only $12 billion (7%) of the $168bn set aside for elementary/secondary/higher ed relief fund will get spent this fiscal year”.  And Vox on teacher’s unions.  And state of Virginia now has a $730 million budget windfall.  C’mon people, yes there are still some significant state budget problems, but it is time to put down your Progressive catnip and contorted rationalizations and admit that Larry was right about this one.

5. Further Bloomberg coverage of the China hack.  I genuinely do not know what is the bottom line here, but interesting to see that the story still is alive.

6. On late bloomers.


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