Wednesday assorted links

1. Arnold Kling on feminized culture.

2. SSC on vitamin D.  He is fairly skeptical, I am more skeptical yet. The macro correlations that are there could be the result of many different forces, there is not much reason in theory to attribute such power to vitamin D.

3. How Paul Graham chose what to work on, painting, RISD, why he quit YC, and other stuff too.

4. Human challenge trials coming to the UK.  And a brief but important comment: “This is most important experiment on COVID not yet done anywhere in the world. Can give us badly-needed data points on viral load, transmission and infection progression. Can later be used for vastly accelerated trials for vaccines, therapeutics and preventative approaches.”

5. Ben Southwood on how to build strong suburbs.

6. Cowen’s Second Law: “Accuracy of Urologic Conditions Portrayed on Grey’s Anatomy.”

7. Kalshi: real money prediction markets coming later this spring (WSJ).


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