Thursday assorted links

1. If he had titled thisWe have come to bury Ayn Rand,” he might have had a point.

2. Poor Chinese marketing.

3. “Alabama school district, once home to infamous Tuskegee study, nears full COVID vaccination level.

4. UK competition authority concerned about “supply of GIFs.”  (You can’t make this stuff up, and yes Ayn Rand remains relevant.)

5. New Zealand nonetheless is facing a hospital crisis (see parenthetical remark on #4).

6. Response to Newell, Prest, and Sexton on the temperature-gdp paper.  I think the critique scores some good points against the authors, but it does not dissuade me from their fundamental conclusion that the current literature does not have a coherent answer to the key question about costs.

7. Forthcoming Congressional approaches to the next pandemic.


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