Tuesday assorted links

1. John Naisbett has passed away.

2. Suicides down for 2020, misery loves company?

3. What it is like to be in a human challenge trial.  The argument that the muon results are for real.

4. Eric Weinstein on geometric unity.  Is he right?  Is that the right question?

5. “Dowbak utilizes the mechanics of the smart contract imbedded in the NFT to create a self-generating Genesis piece which will continue to create new, discreet NFTs over the course of approximately one year.”  With sixty bids, the current value is well over $2 million, do take a look at the image.  And it is stochastically not a Crusonia plant: “However, Dowbak has also introduced the element of chance into the work’s algorithm through another self-referential twist–REPLICATOR can also jam. A jam comes in the form of a unique “Jam Artwork,” which will stop a generation from continuing to replicate, curbing exponential growth.”

6. In Houston, autonomous cars are delivering Domino pizza.

7. DC’s rising libertarian star.

8. Canadian border quarantine arbitrage.

9. Mariner Eccles poem about the New Deal.


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