Wednesday assorted links

1. Once again, the world is more right-wing than you think.  Even Stanford academics.  And these ants shrink their brains for a chance to become queen (NYT).

2. World’s longest rabbit theft moral hazard? (NYT): “Darius was insured for $1.6 million and traveled with a bodyguard, according to NBC’s Today show in a 2010 article.”  Note that his status as the world’s longest rabbit already was under threat from his own descendants.

3. MIE: $4,000 Star Wars armchair (why?).

4. “Today in Markets in Everything, from the Netherlands: informal insurance for curfew violations via Whatsapp:

For a €10 prepaid fee, the owners of the Whatsapp group will wire you €95 (the fine for violating the curfew) after sending in a picture of the fine. It will also provide ‘safe’ routes through the city where policing is light.”

5. China-Taiwan chip scenarios.


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