Friday assorted links

1. The Danish film Another Round is perhaps the best film ever made about alcohol.  It is also a movie about Denmark.  Reviews are quite positive, but it is poorly understood by the critics.

2. “Quebec needs its own emoji ‘as soon as possible,’ say legislators in unanimous vote.

3. Goethe in China.  Supposedly Xi as a teenager read Faust multiple times and knows it by heart.

4. Fabio Ghironi thread on research killers.  And Ross D. has some further picks for influential intellectuals.

5. China proposed markets in everything; as I like to say, the best argument for “Woke” is to read the MR comments section.  And since it constitutes a strong argument for a proposition (whether you agree with the view or not), that makes it a very very good comments section.

6. Weird stuff that might be possible, even if I don’t quite trust this piece.

7. Biden climate policy and the median voter (NYT).


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