Monday assorted links

1. What do Finns think of Covid restrictions?

2. New York City’s bird paramedics (New York magazine).  And how the health care DARPA is coming along.

3. “American said that alcohol would continue to be served in first class and business class…” (NYT)

4. Solve for the equilibrium: “Any doofus can be a cybercriminal now,” said Sergei A. Pavlovich, a former hacker who served 10 years in prison in his native Belarus for cybercrimes. “The intellectual barrier to entry has gotten extremely low.” (NYT)

5. Danish spying markets in everything?

6. Observations on gerrymandering.

7. No wonder we are doing so well: “The number of Master’s and Doctoral degree holders more than doubled (in the US) from 2000 to 2018.”

8. Chad Underwood speaks.


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