Saturday assorted links

1. An escalator made of cardboard (short video).

2. Cats of brutalism.

3. Orson Welles, The Immortal Story, 58 minutes long, made for French TV 1968, one of his best.  Jeanne Moreau too, full of MIE themes, and as I view it a critique of the wealthy, more substantive than the usual.

4. Markets in everything: pay for the chance to heist mannequin parts from a mountain of mannequin parts.

5. Progress Studies 101, by Sagar Devkate.

6. A recruiter on why restaurants are having trouble hiring.  Of course this means that right now is a relatively bad time to be eating out a lot — higher variance of outcomes and even well-known restaurants have become harder to predict.

7. Lots of Democratic economists think Summers is right but they are afraid to say it.  Context from Jason Furman here.


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