Tuesday assorted links

1. “There are about 465,000 open positions in cybersecurity nationwide as of May 2021, according to Cyber Seek — a tech job-tracking database from the U.S. Commerce Department — and the trade group CompTIA”  Link here, though if you bring up skills mismatch you still get shouted down these days.

2. One-minute Covid breath test approved in Singapore (Bloomberg).  And my early April Covid predictions.

3. Predicting high-impact science.  And Ashlee Vance on Celine Halioua and her anti-aging start-up and work (Bloomberg).

4. The importance of immunocompromised individuals for Covid issues.

5. Ross Douthat on Foucault is completely correct (NYT).

6. Brain synchronization remains an underdiscussed topic (NYT).


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