Saturday assorted links

1. Memos related to the hiring of the “radical” economists at U. Mass Amherst, way back when.  And Bobby Fischer video on what went wrong with chess.

2. The history of Earl Slick, sideman guitarist.

3. A Richmond series on how the guardianship process leaves vulnerable people unprotected.

4. What the commies think.

5. “This estimate implies that the amenity value of a government job [in India] is at least 81% of total compensation.

6. Columbus vs. Columbo (what!!??).  That’s the TV character, not Sri Lanka.

7. “Farmbake biscuits are smashed into crumbs, combined with milk and thrown in the microwave to create fluffy chocolate “jail cake”.”  Not the only thing they make in NZ prison, a new home for yogurt entrepreneurship.


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