Wednesday assorted links

1. Renderings of large, extinct animals.

2. Rank size of a minority group matters for hate crime.

3. Is adolescent loneliness rising?

4. Good Klein-Douthat dialogue.  By the way, here is Ross’s forthcoming book The Deep Places: A Memoir of Illness and Discovery.

5. NFTs update (NYT).  To make your head spin: “One issue that has not caught up with the technology is how NFTs will be taxed. Cryptocurrency is taxed at the capital gains rate, and many experts say they believe that NFTs will be considered collectibles, which are taxed at a 28 percent rate. But the tax issue gets more complicated because many NFTs are bought using cryptocurrency. So any transaction would be considered a realization of the gains in that cryptocurrency.”

6. Number of unused AstraZeneca vaccines in Australia tops 3 million.  And yet they are in effect incarcerating significant portions of their citizenry.


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