Saturday assorted links

1. Private insurers are now picking up less of the tab for Covid-related hospital stays.

2. Claims about vaccine efficacy, useful.  And further claims about boosters.  The correct final picture here still is not clear to me.

3. Dishonesty update.

4. Progress in the use of monoclonal antibodies.  Sadly: “For the administration, mum’s the word on monoclonal antibodies, rapid home tests, high quality masks . . . anything except vaccines,” Eric Topol, founder and director of the Scripps Research Translational Institute, said in an email. “Which is wrong, since we need every tool in the kit to effectively take on delta; we’re not doing that well at all.”

5. What academia used to be like.  Before the internet, that is.

6. Jerry Brito on the coming regulatory challenge for crypto.


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