Sunday assorted links

1. “Why is violence so prevalent in kitchens, and how has it become a behavioral norm?

2. Meng Wanzhou update.

3. I really don’t view MR or links as a chance to dunk on people, but this is so, so wrong, and so indicative of the problems with public health “experts.”  More here.  That is an example, and in my view an instructive one, but really not interested in making this about any particular person.  It was in turn taught by someone else, and it is believed by many in the field.  The actual reality is that even very poorly educated Americans, on the whole, hold more sensible views than that.

4. Michael Mina from November 2020.  Not bad.

5. Dishonest dishonesty study study.

6. “They shoot dogs, don’t they?”  Or try this short video.  And the AstraZeneca stockpile continues to grow.  Why are the defenders of civil liberties so quiet?

7. The difficulty in getting hospitals to post their prices (NYT).


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