Tuesday assorted links

1. Your periodic reminder to read Matt Levine (Bloomberg).  And Bloomberg Media is doing just great.  Congratulations to all those I work with!  If you don’t already, you should subscribe too.

2. Space Force reluctant to take over UFO mission.

3. My remarks on the new All Things Must Pass reissue.

4. Interview with Ken Rogoff, focusing on China.

5. I’ve never been anti-mask, in either theory or personal practice, but I find it striking how this NYT Op-Ed, advocating mandatory masking for children in school, upon a close read presents no actual evidence whatsoever.  If I understand them correctly, here is “the control”: “By contrast, one school in Israel without a mask mandate or proper social distancing protocols reported an outbreak of Covid-19 involving 153 students and 25 staff members.”  Maybe they are just poor writers and bad organizers of thought, and the actual controls are in fact air tight.

6. Context on full Louisiana hospitals and ICU facilities.


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