Tuesday assorted links

1. New job offering in science and technology policy.

2. Hobgoblin.  And five to ten thousand Americans still in Afghanistan.

3. Why is it so hard to be rational? (New Yorker) — and here is part of my cameo: “Cowen suggested that to understand reality you must not just read about it but see it firsthand; he has grounded his priors in visits to about a hundred countries, once getting caught in a shoot-out between a Brazilian drug gang and the police.”

4. Monte dei Paschi di Siena, possibly the world’s oldest bank, may be on the way out, as it recently failed a stress test (NYT).

5. Chinese government acquires stake in TikTok, and board seat.  Corrected link here.

6. A claim that the frozen animal carcasses may have mattered after all.


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