Tuesday assorted links

1. Jason Crawford’s Roots of Progress is now a non-profit organization.

2. Fresh Vitalik: “Ergo, we should take the efficiency benefits of market and auction-based pricing, and the egalitarian benefits of proof of personhood mechanics, and combine them together.”

3. “Tyra, who is 37 and originally from rural Idaho, is clear with any potential dates that making babies is just a business transaction for her—albeit an all-encompassing one.”  Recommended.  And: “When Reeder’s not pregnant, she drives heavy machinery for a private logging company. She uses the money from her baby-making side hustle to travel to places like South East Asia and Zanzibar, where she has also donated her leftover breast milk to an orphanage.”

4. Freddie on education spending, also recommended.

5. How Nike ads have evolved the ongoing feminization of American society.  And yet another recommended, one of the best and most important essays of the year.

6. There is a “new” Vermeer, take a look.

7. What do we know about “nudgeability”?

8. I do indeed favor most mergers.


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