Wednesday assorted links

1. More on the NYT masking in schools Op-ed: it looks pretty bad.  It’s really the public health establishment I blame here, not the NYT.

2. “Since the pandemic recession bottomed out in the spring of 2020, the nation’s gross domestic product has more than fully recovered, with second-quarter output 0.8 percent higher than before coronavirus. The number of jobs decreased 4.4 percent in the same span.” (“Model that!”…NYT link)

3. “In general, pornography use trended downward over the pandemic, for both men and women.

4. “Parents in  Japan are sending bags of rice that weigh the same as their newborn babies to relatives who are unable to visit them due to the pandemic.

5. Excellent (but tragic) Ethiopia musings.

6. More returns of stolen crypto than you might think.

7. The commies opine on Cuomo and democracy.  Not the worst take I have read.


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