Monday assorted links

1. Jodi Ettenberg interview.  Recommended.

2. “No evidence for cumulating socioeconomic advantage. Ability explains increasing SES effects with age on children’s domain test scores.

3. Unite America, for ranked choice voting.  And the sugar lobby is alive and well.

4. “We find that access to a plasma donation center reduces demand (inquiries) for payday and installment loans by 6.5% and 8.1%, respectively, with larger effects (13.1% and 15.7%, respectively) on younger borrowers. Moreover, foot traffic increases by 7-10% at essential and non-essential goods establishments when a new plasma center opens nearby. Our findings suggest that plasma donation helps households smooth consumption without appealing to high-cost debt.”  Link here.

5. “Thus, six-year-olds appear to more flexibly use multiple sources of information than both younger children and adults…

6. “An additional study (N = 2,172) shows that both Democrats and Republicans perceived the social network Facebook to be biased against their side.

7. “License plate readers are rapidly reshaping private security in American neighborhoods, bringing police surveillance tools to the masses with an automated watchdog that records 24 hours a day.


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