Ringo says

“The other side of that is – I was telling someone the other day – if Paul hadn’t been in the band, we’d probably have made two albums because we were lazy boogers.

“But Paul’s a workaholic. John and I would be sitting in the garden taking in the color green from the tree, and the phone would ring, and we would know, ‘Hey lads, you want to come in? Let’s go in the studio!’

“So I’ve told Paul this, he knows this story, we made three times more music than we ever would without him because he’s the workaholic and he loves to get going. Once we got there, we loved it, of course, but, ‘Oh no, not again!'”

There you go, that is a very simple and correct theory of The Beatles.  I don’t care if you like “I am the Walrus” more than “Penny Lane.”

And via Bill Benzon, here is the new The Journal of Beatles Studies.  And here is my earlier post Paul McCartney as Management Study.


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