Sunday assorted links

1. Bills before Congress — “model this” (if you dare).

2. Claims about pending crypto regulation.  How exactly is all that supposed to work?  Makes no sense to me!

3. Ross D (NYT), worth reading and thinking about.

4. Water markets, the Colorado River, and the Walton Foundation (WSJ).

5. “According to his official biography, he is related to every royal family in Europe.” (NYT, interesting throughout)  LOTR makes an appearance too.

6. Power cuts in China (WSJ).  And from the FT: “Power crunch looms in India as coal stocks reach crisis point. More than half the country’s power plants have less than three days of supplies remaining.”  Is this now “a thing”?  Was anyone predicting this a month ago?

7. Steve Levitt does personal interviews with his two oldest daughters.


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