Tuesday assorted links

1. Bye-bye white women Chicago docents.  Solve for the equilibrium.

2. Bitcoin bodice rippers (MIE).

3. The world that was 1970 (Edison Lighthouse, short music video).

4. Sanity about Instagram (NYT).  “Of the better studies [three separate links there] that have found a negative correlation between social media use and adolescent mental health, most have found extremely small effects — so small as to be trivial and dwarfed by other contributors to adolescent mental health. Complicating matters further is that in the Facebook surveys, twice as many respondents reported that Instagram alleviated suicidal thinking than said it worsened it; three times as many said it made them feel less anxious than said it made them feel more so; and nearly five times as many reported that Instagram made them less sad than that it made them sadder.”

5. “We examine how the net worth of billionaires relates to their looks, as rated by 16 people of different gender and ethnicity. Surprisingly, their financial assets are unrelated to their beauty; nor are they related to their educational attainment. As a group, however, billionaires are both more educated and better-looking than average for their age.”  Paper here.

6. Rebecca Blank to be president of Northwestern.


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