Friday assorted links

1. Krugman on inflation (NYT).

2. Adam Gopnik on Get Back (New Yorker).

3. Where Chile stands (FT).

4. “the median age of Canada’s fifteen largest public companies is 122 years.

5. Why is cryonics not more popular?

6. “We theorize that East Asians (e.g., ethnic Chinese)—but not South Asians (e.g., ethnic Indians)—are less likely than other ethnicities to emerge as leaders in multiethnic environments partly because East Asians socialize more with ethnic ingroup members (other East Asians). Analyzing a survey of 54,620 Juris Doctor (JD) students from 124 U.S. law schools, Study 1 revealed that East Asians had the highest ethnic homophily of all ethnicities.”  Link here.


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