Sunday assorted links

1. Some red states take action to limit the power of their public health authorities.

2. Redux of my earlier post “Don’t judge Covid conditions by the current rate of Covid growth.”

3. Spencer Greenberg podcast with me:

Why might it be the case that “all propositions about real interest rates are wrong”? What, if anything, are most economists wrong about? Does political correctness affect what economists are willing to write about? What are the biggest open questions in economics right now? Is there too much math in economics? How has the loss of the assumption that humans are perfectly rational agents shaped economics? Is Tyler’s worldview unusual? Should people hold opinions (even loosely) on topics about which they’re relatively ignorant? Why is there “something wrong with everything” (according to Cowen’s First Law)? How can we learn how to learn from those who offend us? What does it mean to be a mentor? What do we know and not know about success? What is lookism? Why is raising someone else’s aspirations a high-return activity?

4. More on pan-coronavirus vaccines.

5. FDA had banned home testing for HIV/AIDS.


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