Monday assorted links

1. Devon Zuegel on inflation.  And should Devon try to get Omicron Covid? But her “best” interlocutor — cited in the thread — doesn’t consider that the booster shot will wear off in effectiveness, the costs of not getting Covid, whether Omicron is a “special” variant due to its rapid spread, or how about cross-immunities, or the travel/events benefits of getting Omicron out of the way, and the probabilities of various events (Devon is young and I believe healthy).  Does she really think that, ceteris paribus, natural immunity is a negative?  That was the best answer?

2. Harvard freshman becomes youngest person to serve in Icelandic parliament.

3. Does religious diversity undermine personal morality?

4. “Ultimately, he was far too Right-wing to accept Nazism.

5. Saliva test is best for Omicron detection.

6. Speculative study of Covid worriers.


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