Saturday assorted links

1. The forgotten medieval habit of two sleeps.

2. Serbian government strikes back.  What again is the CBA on that immigration decision?

3. Germany won’t let Estonia transfer weapons to Ukraine (WSJ).  I’ve been telling you for years that Germany is not really part of the Western alliance any more.  It is now all the more obvious.  Addendum: And get this (FT): “Ukraine said it had summoned Germany’s ambassador to protest comments by the head of the German navy, who was filmed saying Russia only “wants respect” and Ukraine would never regain Crimea, remarks that have plunged Kyiv and Berlin into a damaging diplomatic row.”

4. Excellent Colm Tóibín piece on James Joyce’s Ulysses at 100 years (FT).  One of the best pieces I’ve read so far this year.  And speaking of the FT, Janan Ganesh argues that Los Angeles is the West’s most underrated walking city.  Of course he is correct.

5. Dubov refuses to wear a mask and thus forfeits a chess game against Giri.

6. Who are various readers nominating for President?


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