Sunday assorted links

1. The dating culture that is D.C.

2. I don’t usually trust such papers, and indeed I don’t trust this one, but this result is deserving of further investigation: “The current data suggest that both increased salience of reward/loss information and reduced discrimination between reward and loss feedback could be factors linking SES with the development of human capital and health outcomes.”

3. Biden administration opposes plan to strengthen WHO.  Yet I am barely hearing a peep about this.  The Biden people are also wanting to enforce Trump’s Phase I trade deal with China.

4. N.S. Lyons thinks Wokeness hasn’t peaked yet.

5. Nate Meyvis on how to talk better to think better.

6. Paul Krugman is coming very close to admitting a) “real estate bubble” was not the best formulation, and b) Kevin Erdmann was right.

7. More on Germany.


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