Thursday assorted links

1. These Lina Khan remarks are less than impressive.

2. Are they building a single-stage-to-orbit space plane?

3. That was then, this is now: the Carolinas let 16-year-olds drive school buses back in the 1980s.

4. The historians that are Australian:

In Serbia today, few people realise that we gave Djokovic unusual privileges. In all Australia last week, he was probably the only questionable migrant allowed to leave his hotel and take outdoor exercises and even practise his profession in the actual tennis stadium. And on his last free day he received a rare privilege, the convening on his behalf of a special sitting of the Federal Court of Australia presided over by Chief Justice James Allsop and two of his fellow judges. They had agreed at short notice to sit on a Sunday, a day when courts rarely open.

That is from Geoffrey Blainey (gated).  How many Australian intellectuals have spoken up for liberty?  Or for that matter science (natural immunity is protective too, maybe more so)?  Or simply for telling people in advance whether their visas will be honored?  How about not interrogating him for seven hours in a shut room in the middle of the night?

5. Atlantic profiles Arc Institute, Arcadia, and Alexey Guzey’s New Science.  Excellent piece, more kudos for Derek Thompson.

6. What percentage of Americans were infected with Covid-19 on January 10?


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