Friday assorted links

1. Using AI paraphrasing tools to avoid plagiarism checks.

2. MIE: “Shake Shack hooks up with DoorDash for chicken sandwich-themed dating site.”

3. Interesting analysis of which bureaucratic interest groups support Putin.

4. “The first successful pizza restaurant in the world located outside of Naples was founded in Buenos Aires in 1882, when a Neapolitan immigrant baker named Nicolas Vaccarezza started selling the pies out of his shop in Boca.”  Link here.  Mostly it is about how American pizza is.

5. “Taliban fighters will no longer be allowed to carry their weapons in amusement parks in Afghanistan…in what appeared to be another effort by the country’s new rulers to soften their image.

6. Jonathan Cahill.

7. Blackwell’s bookshop is up for sale.  Family-owned since 1879.


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