Monday assorted links

1. “Amid escalating concern over global access to Covid-19 vaccines, BioNTech (BNTX) disclosed details about its plans to boost production in Africa. But the effort was met with a mixed reaction because the approach snubs a parallel effort by the World Health Organization.”  No need to even click on the link, really (plus it is gated).

2. New study of the English Enclosures.

3. Maybe he should be on Metaculus?  And good Ulrich Speck thread on Putin and Ukraine.  Speck’s view is very close to my own.

4. “People are three times as likely to move to a county 15 miles away, but in the same state, than to move to an equally distant county in a different state.

5. Does the marshmallow test replicate?

6. Very good Noah Smith interview with Emi Nakamura on macro.


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