Friday assorted links

1. Graeme Wood Atlantic interview with MBS.

2. “Russian businesses in U.S. face threats, vandalism over invasion.

3. Avi Schiffman’s “ is an independent platform connecting Ukrainian refugees with potential hosts and housing.”

4. Geoffrey Hosking has written (by far) the best book on Russia I know.

5. Fantasy Author Raises $15.4 Million in 24 Hours to Self-Publish (NYT).  And Kadryov markets in everything.

6. Fikret Amirov.  Very good, moving.

7. “Focused Protection” was a dubious idea from the beginning.  Best form of it was to be on the vaccines and antivirals bandwagon!  With enthusiasm, not “enthusiasm about natural immunity” >> “enthusiasm about vaccines,” as I have seen from so many.  It is vaccines that are focused protection.

8. Data on Russian crypto ownership, and government plans to regulate the sector.  And “Train tickets for the short trip from St. Petersburg to Helsinki cost over 9000 euros yesterday.”

9. Should it matter which nationalities and ethnicities are seeking to cross your borders?  Relevant to the Nigerians stuck in Ukraine who are not so welcome elsewhere.


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