Saturday assorted links

1. New essays on the rise and fall of Swedish education, open access.

2. Summer courses at University of Austin.  Instructors include Niall Ferguson, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Rob Henderson, Kathleen Stock, Dorian Abbot, Deirdre McCloskey, David Mamet, Bari Weiss, Peter Boghossian, Joe Lonsdale, Arthur Brooks, Nadine Strossen, and Carlos Carvalho.

3. Lessons from shipbuilding productivity.

4. New academic prediction market, also covering matters Ukraine.

5. Scott Sumner on Lab Leak.

6. U.S. cutting back on purchases of Pfizer’s anti-Covid pill — crazy!

7. Robert Service has a good understanding of what is going on, and of Putin (WSJ).

8. China now getting antsy too, on Taiwan.

9. Good thread on Russia-China sanctions: “While China is Russia’s largest trading partner, but Russia is not even in China’s top ten.”


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