Monday assorted links

1. Fertility in various mega-cities.

2. Those old service sector jobs: “Garden hermits or ornamental hermits were hermits encouraged to live in purpose-built hermitagesfolliesgrottoes, or rockeries on the estates of wealthy landowners, primarily during the 18th century. Such hermits would be encouraged to dress like druids and remain permanently on site, where they could be fed, cared for, and consulted for advice, or viewed for entertainment.”  VTESE.

3. Second order effects of the rise of large language models.  Interesting thread.  Will there be so much stratification?

4. The ideas market likes “verbal authenticity.”

5. “Estimates of the number of additional substance abusers during the pandemic presented here suggest that increased substance abuse accounts for between 9 and 26 percent of the decline in prime-age labor-force participation between February 2020 and June 2021.”  Link here.

6. Four-year degree becoming less important as a job requirement (NYT).

7. Algospeak.


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