My wish list for Twitter

Unlike many people, I am not obsessed with an edit function.  But I do wish for the following:

1. A better organization of DMs, including functional search.  And why do some of my DMs seem to disappear?

2. End-to-end encryption for DMs.

3. Available blue checks for more people.

4. Lately they have begun serving me up “popular” tweets from major tweeters multiple times.  I hate this.

5. Eliminate the quote tweet function, to limit pile-ons.  Addendum: I have changed my mind on this one.  Sabina Knight notes:

The quote tweet has many excellent functions, particularly for translations and more substantive conversations. I use Twitter to read and write in multiple languages. I love others’ short intros to articles and tweets. Many are humorous, and laughing is a reason to read Twitter for meI enjoy writing intros and comments myself. The philosophers, very active on twitter, quote to closely reply to others in a discussion. If Twitter eliminated the quote tweet function, I would use Twitter much less.

6. Sometimes my “scroll down” function gets stuck.  Unstick it.

7. I don’t myself prefer Promoted Tweets, and in theory yes I hate the bots.  But in practice, viewed only selfishly, neither has been a major problem for me.  I am not doubting they may be problems for others.

8. Longer-run, when AI is better and cheaper, how about a button “You didn’t subscribe to these tweets, but we think you really might like them.”  But apart from the main flow and screen.

9. I wish for a slightly smarter list of trending topics.  Yes I am greatly interested in the war in Ukraine, but I really don’t need “Zelenskyy says Russia is trying to hide ‘guilt in mass killing’ as the war in Ukraine continues”.

What else?


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