Saturday assorted links

1. “Among women in the midlife in recent years, lower levels of state structural sexism were associated with greater alcohol consumption and binge drinking.

2. Faster vaccines would have saved how many lives?

3. Yishan, on Twitter and Musk.

4. “Every chess movie, ranked.”  On the list is an oddly under-publicized Kasparov-Thiel “documentary” of the two walking/driving around New York City for a day.  Though it was only nine years ago, it feels like such a different world.  You also get to watch Peter beat Frank Brady in speed chess, and Garry then comment on the proceedings.

5. From Hannes Malmberg (email): “Pre-1920, rapid natural population growth made high immigration consistent with a low share of foreign-born. Between 1880 and 1920, the number of foreign-born more than doubled, 6.7mn to 13.9mn, while the share of foreign-born didn’t budge, 13.3% to 13.2%.“

6. “Footage of dogs hunting down and killing wild hares is being shared and even live-streamed for the benefit of overseas gamblers.

7. The Russian way of war and will it shift?


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