The first and also twentieth Emergent Ventures cohort

I am pleased to be able to announce that the very first Emergent Ventures winner, several years ago, was Tymofiy Mylovanov, an Ukrainian economist affiliated with the University of Pittsburgh.  Bloomberg covered Tymofiy’s all-important logistics activities in Ukraine here as explained by MR.  And here is a good Pittnews profile.

Tymofiy has been so impactful he gets a cohort of his own, in addition to being the very first winner.  The early EV grant to Tymofiy was to encourage him to write on the Ukraine economy, in Ukrainian, and this led in turn to his being appointed the Economy Minister in the Zelensky cabinet, which later morphed into his current set of responsibilities in Ukraine.  (Not all EV grants are publicized up front, for a variety of reasons).

Very recently Emergent Ventures made a grant to the Kyiv School of Economics, led by Tymofiy, and if you wish you can support them here.  We are delighted to be helping his efforts and to have him and the School as our twentieth cohort.


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