Wednesday assorted links

1. New jobs at ARIA, the exciting new UK science research agency.

2. Magnus drops out of the WCC cycle.

3. This study claims that fewer collaboration hours is what makes Microsoft employees happy.

4. Ross Douthat praises driving (NYT).

5. An evil Russian perspective on the war in Ukraine (NYT).

6. “Scotty Pippen Jr and Shareef O’Neal are two such shadow-dodgers, and they just so happened to end up on the same NBA Summer League roster this month.

7. “It turns out posting anonymously on anonymous review site Glassdoor may be a thing of the past.

An American judge has just ruled in favour of kiwi toy company Zuru (valued at well over a billion dollars) — meaning it will be handed the details of former Zuru employees who posted anonymous reviews on the Glassdoor site.”  Link here.



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