My podcast with Brian Chau

He titles it:

The Dark Side of Talent, Sorting and Institutions

Plus the IDW, Covid, Polio, The Case for Global Wokeness

Here is the link.  It is rare I am interviewed from “the Right” (and here I don’t mean “the cosmopolitan business Right”), but here you go.  (To be clear, I do think Brian is cosmopolitan, he just is not “the cosmopolitan business Right.”)  Very different questions and directions once we get going.  I try to persuade him to be a bit more positive about mainstream elites — perhaps I fail!

Here is Brian Chau on Twitter, here is his Substack.

If you are an elite, and on the verge of erring, please do think of Brian Chau.  Brian Chau needs you!  You can’t let Brian Chau down like that.  Please.


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