An Effective Altruism mutual fund?

A few days ago I argued that believers in AGI should be “long volatility” in asset markets.  Whether or not you agree with that exact prescription, why isn’t there an EA mutual fund, reflecting EA views of the world, whatever those may be?  Maybe the fund would instead load up on semiconductor chips, in any case they could aggregate the debates from all those EA forums to make the better decisions.

Presumably EAers are morally obliged to set up such a fund?  (I don’t mean that as sarcasm, maybe it really would be a good idea.)  EA supporters then could invest in the fund and would over time have more resources to invest in other causes.  The fund also could reflect their moral priorities, such as not investing in factory farms (I don’t think any real net loss of diversificatory power would be involved in such a decision.)

Alternatively, you might argue that EA has only moral insight, and no predictive superiority about what will happen at larger levels.  That too is a plausible view, especially among non-EAers.

But it seems to me one of these should be true, either that there should be an EA mutual fund, or that EA has only moral insight, not predictive insight.  Which is it going to be?


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