The new *Revolver* boxed set

Not nearly as good as the White Album “Esher” sessions.  I enjoyed the original, much speedier version of “Rain” (not actually good, but the slowed down, distorted track we all know suddenly makes more sense), hearing the evolution of “Yellow Submarine” through early acoustic John demos to the almost finished song, and George’s “Love You To” with acoustic guitar rather than Indian instrumentation.

I don’t like the newer remixes of Beatles and John Lennon material, and yes I mean you Giles Martin.  In contrast, I am pleased to own a version of the Mono mix of the album.

I’m one of those who prefers The White Album to Revolver.  The Revolver songs do not flow organically for me, and it is perhaps the Beatles’s fourth greatest creation?  The three George songs are not outstanding, and I sympathize with “Yellow Submarine” more than wishing to hear it again.  “Eleanor Rigby” runs the risk of sliding into that same status.  The very greatest track in the box — “Rain” — wasn’t even on the album.

I don’t regret having spent more than $100 on these five CDs (could have been fit on two discs!), but Coase’s theory of durable goods monopoly was nonetheless foremost in my mind.


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